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The Nat Turner Library was founded in 1998 by Elder H. Khalif Khalifah and his late wife Sister Reda Faard Khalifah. This cultural monument is dedicated to the life and legacy of our great ancestor, freedom fighter Nat Turner. The Nat Turner Library sits on a 123-acre tract on a part of Nat Turner's historic birth land in Southampton County, Virginia. Elder Khalifah is the curator of The Nat Turner Library which houses the largest collection of books about Nat Turner in the world. This library also features thousands of books written by Black authors whose literary works emphasize Black life, history and culture.

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United Brothers & United Sisters Communications (U.B.U.S.)

In 1973, Harlem, New York was the original birth place of United Brothers Communications Systems with H. Khalif Khalifah as a founding member. This concept expanded In 1990 when Elder Khalifah, his wife Sister Reda along with her two sisters, Marie Heirs and Ella Bowser, founded United Brothers United Sisters Communication Systems (U.B.U.S.) which operated from within their Books & Things Bookstore in Hampton, Virginia.

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Books & Things

From 1990 to 2000, Books & Things was a retail outlet that served as a hub in Hampton, Virginia providing books by Black authors as well as serving the community with a Health Food Store.

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The Nat Turner Library

This cultural oasis provides educational books. hosts lectures, tours and annual events such as the Black Books Achievement Awards, the Nat Turner Library Music & Arts Festival, Nat Turner Day and Ancestors Remembrance Day.

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NT War Trail Tour

The Nat Turner War Trail Tour is led by Senior Tour Guide Elder Khalifah and assistant tour guide Ibn Khalifah. This 2-hour mobile tour visits notable sites of Nat Turner's historic slave revolt including Cabin Pond, the place where the revolt was staged, the church yard where Nat Turner preached, the plantation where the revolt was launched, Black Head Sign Post Road and much more! Tickets are $40 for Adults, half-price of $20 for Teens 13-19. FREE for Children 12 & under. Tickets include: Tour and Q&A lecture/discussion.

A Historic Place to Visit

Retreat to a peaceful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day living and bathe yourself with nature, health, history and peace. A great tourist destination nestled on 123 acres, a part of Nat Turner's sacred ancestral birth land. Experience the Nat Turner Library, Nature Walks, Volley Ball, Basketball and more! Take the Nat Turner War Trail Tour and dine on plant-based cuisine from natural fruits and vegetables.

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